Router / Switch, Whats the difference?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by joshuajme, Nov 9, 2002.

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    Also, can any1 recommend a speffic adsl router/switch as I am getting an adsl conn in december and would like 3 pc's to share it, without running it through the usb modem supplied (which is aparently crap) and having to have the main pc on for the other pc's to use it.

    Also, if I was to use this, would i still be able to play online games with 2 of the pc's in the same server? All the pc's are running win xp home.

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    hi, a router is somthing you would want, it takes a public ip address and address' it to private IPs using NAT.. so you can have pc's sharing your dsl connection..

    a switch is like a hub, except that each port has its own 100Mb connection, in a hub the 100Mb is shared through each port.. thats why its better to have a switch over a hub.

    as for your connection, this is the best that would fit your needs:
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    D-Link, SMC, Linksys, Siemens ... all of those would be good routers. Some have more features than others.

    Some of the "extras" you might want to look into when choosing a router are availability of a:
    1) Print server: allows you to connect a printer to the router so all your PCs can use the printer.
    2) Built-in firewall: For added security.
    3) UPnP support: Allows you to use video chat in software like MSN Messenger without opening up individual ports.
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    Netgear also have some very nice routers with the above features. Some routers also have wireless built in if you want that.
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    I have the Linksys BEFSR41 router for my DSL connection and it works flawlessly. CompUSA just had a big sale so I upgraded to a Netgear MR314 wireless router which has also been working flawlessly. Both of these routers took less than 5 minutes to install and configure.
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    or if u really really want to save money, get a hub, build a network with windows xp as the link between your lan and your internet connection so that windows xp works as the router- sharing internet to the LAN, and dhcp server, that auto assigns ips to other computers
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    I don't think you really save that much money because if you run it that way you pay for a hub and an extra ethernet adapter for the server computer. On the other hand, a simple cable/DSL router only runs about $50 and it is full duplex where the hub is only half duplex.