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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Diluted, Mar 4, 2002.

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    I own an Asus AAM6000EV adsl router and me and a mate have desperatly been trying to network my adsl from my router to a hub to each of our PC's.

    The bottom line is, it doesnt work - at all.

    I've talked to my IT friend and he doesnt know the problem. His only explanation was that the hub could be faulty.

    This particular model of router doesnt have the hub/pc switch on the back but in the manual it says that if you want to use a crossover cable to link your router to a hub switch it to pc. This doesnt matter all that much because I've tried everything. I have both crossover and standard Ethernet cables and none have any effect.

    When plugging in the cable there is no visual effect on the hubs indicator lights although the routers PC light lights up for a moment then goes.

    Any ideas?


    (about pic mine doesnt have the white switch, the usb port or the other plug (one of those two sockets is ethernet, thats the one i have)
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    Oh and these are my modems settings.

    Channel=01, Operation Mode= MRFC2364/Routed, VPI= 0, VCI= 100.
    User Name: xxxxxxxxx
    Password: xxxxxxxxx
    Authentication: pap.
    Encapsulation Mode : AUTO.
    IP Address from Service Provider.
    Startup : Enable.
    DoD : Disable.
    Use NAT, Auto Discovery Dns.

    (I can access the internet if my PC is directly connected to the hub via a standard Ethernet cable)

    Nothing else has been configured
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    You may need a rollover cable depending on the type of router. Is the link light turned on? If not, try using a crossover cable instead of a regular straight through cable.