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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Leaderz0rz, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Leaderz0rz

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    Anyone know of any good long round IDE Cables? I need as long as possible, becuase of my motherboard placement in relation to where my drives sit. Just a normal black would suffice. I am switching to round cables, becuase my power supply takes up basicaly my whole case, and the IDE cables are blocking air flow from my front intakes. Also what would you suggest for tieing cables/wires together? just a basic zip tie, or what?
  2. Goatman

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    just use your standard tie wrap.

    almost every company that makes rounded IDE cables, makes a 24 inch component
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    If I'm not mistaken, any ide cable over 18 inches increases the possibility of data corruption. You might want to try moving the drives closer to the mobo connection. They don't have to be installed in the drive bays.
  4. Leaderz0rz

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    well i meant they are cdrom drives ;p, i can plug in the bottom one, but not the one above it, kind of a waste of 200 dollers if i can't even use it..
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    some advice...

    most cheaper round cables are just flat ones that are cut and sheathed which will cause interference amongst the bundle of wires. make sure you get good ones that are wound correctly and have the proper shielding, especially if you're getting long ones. by spec, ide cables aren't supposed to be longer than 18 inches. be sure to get some quality ones if you're going longer.
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    thanks for the info :) i was going to buy some from vantec, (they make good fans) but I want to see what my local compusa has
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    Most rounded cables have a better slave/master separation also and more flexibility to bend into awkward corners.
    Have just installed four new ones for a 6 IDE channel system and with 5 fans ....... airflow works a treat.
    (2800 Barton up to 2251 Mhz)
    Ordinary "twister" cable ties are easily removed and just as good.