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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by john30uk, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I take care of my cousind MESH p.c and due to him and his pal messing around on cheap aduld sites he got a major virus where p.c was non bootable in any mode,but unlike my p.c company EVESHAM alond with his recovery cd they also give you all the original ones inc XP-PRO so i wiped his p.c and installed all the software and some extra he bought including norton 2002.
    Last night he said his p.c was very slow and hanging up,so i went alond did all the usual clean up but disc clean hangs up.
    I checked for viruses and spyware with the software and all was ok.
    I looked in his kazaa shared folder and it was full of porny thumbnails,so i selected all and deleted them but 2 woudnt delete and all menu have been disabled to delete thete 2 thumbs which are not even thumb as the open as plain white empty boxes.
    So i removed kazaa but as you know it leave your shared folder behind so when you update to newer kazaa you dont lose all your downloads ,so i went into c-drive to delete the left over kazza folder which normally works but it wound delete.
    I cant get system restore to do it,or norton wipe.or safe mode or any add/remove proggs i have ,or microsoft regclean,i need some way of forcing either the 2 files or the entire kazaa folder left behind to delete.
    then i presume discclean will work again and system restore.
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    Boot to safe mode and delete through there?

    Format that hard drive COMPLETELY leaving no trace of anything... ALL files delete...
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    I did try to delete in safe mode as i said earlier,secondly i dont want to have to reformat as i have enougth on my plate with my own p.c and my tosser cousin will end up drunk on porn sites again anyway so i will try a windows repair if no one else can help but with his 56k modem replacing the windows updates takes ages.
    There must be software that can do this as i did use a tool to remove a porn dialer that latched on to my p.c in kazaa.
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    The files not deleting is a Kazaa issue...or P2P, not sure which, but either way I have experienced this same problem. I've always been able to reboot and then delete the files without any further issue. Also, if he is not using the most recent version of Kazaa (1.7.2 I think) he may have picked up another virus. Seems to me the best advise for you is to tell your drunk wang wankin cousin to learn how to fix it himself. After he breaks and you won't fix it for him and he either A) has to pay a ridiculous amount to have it fixed or B) makes an even bigger mess of it trying to fix it, he might show a little more respect. Of course there is also option C which would be that he finds someone else to fix it for him.
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    LOL yea he is a wanker,
    thought i told him i would take care of it after i reformated it for him,i caught him just about to install kazaa and stopped him and gave him kazaa lite which was 1.7.1 at time so it was this he got problem with,i tried unistalling and installing 1.7.2 no virus shows up with any software.
    Im not in mood on FRI night to mess around formating,there must be a reg setting or something to cure this although i have been in all software settings in all fields of reg looking at kazaalite settings.
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    well the best way to make sure everything is clean is to do a complete format and reinstall. but on the hangups, i need more information to answer. is it on specific programs or everything? etc. post more info.
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    it takes time to open any app or folder ,empty bin or anything at all even shutdown after trying to delete these files,if i press reset button and force a reboot it will seem to work normally and i check by refreshing desctop which redraws straight away but after trying again to delete the 2 files it slows down and even the desctop refresh takes 3-5 secs until reboot.
    I need a way to rid him of kazaa left behinds in total without me spending hours reformatting and by the way he knows ZERO about P.C'S thats why he fucks about on dodgey porn site like kazaa ,instaed of looking at hun yellow pages which is safer,but i did give him my word i would take care of it.