Rogue spear problem

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    I love to play Rogue spear.. and im in a top 25 clan.. and i am experiencing problems... #1 while staying still... sometimes my aiming cursor shakes.. #2 when i try and jump down the stairs on City Street Large(a RS map) i always hang and when i drop down.. i die instantly... this never happened to me before ever... it started to happen this week only.. what do you suggest? im thinking about putting my XP cd in and doing an upgrade install.. would this help? i definately dont want to lose all my settings and everything.. i have tried everything from changing RS settings to changing my Gf3 drivers and settings.. anyone have any ideas at all?
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    try this..

    Try running Rogue Spear in compatability mode for win 2000. That worked for me.


    mine has to be on win 98 for some reason.. on 2000 it doesnt work at all lol
    anyway i put in the xp cd.. went to run
    and typed sfc / scannow then it was fixed weeeeee thanks anyway