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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dizzy, Feb 1, 2002.

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    Hi u all,

    OK, here is the deal, We (me and a friend) are having loads of trouble trying to install WindowsXP Pro. from a Windows 2000 server with a RIS (Remote Installation Service) server. Here are the "breaking" point:
    when the connection is made with the RIS server, and the client is say`n setup is starting windows:
    1) we get the message that he doesn`t seems to find a nother version of windows
    2) he try`s to format the disk but tells us there is not enough memory, (although there is 512MB internal MEM)
    3) the disk image (the one we are trying to dumb) is not correct (the image was created from a windowsXP Pro. cd BY RIS himself!!)

    sow.. could somebody please help me/us out here!??
    thanx in Advanced hope with you`r help we could solve this problem..

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    ok.. thnx 4 your help

    we already installed the update and that did not made any different still the same error`s. The strange thing is theire is nothing to find on these errors so, either we are doing something very wrong or the server (RIS SERVER) is very weird or something like that.. :rolleyes:

    thnx anyway..
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    The update does not work. Have had the same problem for months teaching MS course 2520, Deploying Windows XP Professional.
    There is no current workaround for this.

    If you are deploying this in a production environment, suggest using the CD image, if you created one, and rolling it out with third party software like Ghost.

    Cannot use a RIPrep Image for Ghost.
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    wow, that question is making my brain buzz!