Ripping video streams

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mr. Ass, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. Mr. Ass

    Mr. Ass Guest

    Does anyone know of any other application that can rip streaming media to wmv files besides ASF Recorder?
    ASF Recorder works great but for some reason it wont rip wvx files to wmv and thats why im looking for an alternative or some sort of way to rip wvx files..
  2. silky62678

    silky62678 Guest

    try looking in your IE temp folder. Most of the time it has the downloaded stream file in that folder. Then u would be able to play that file as normal.
  3. silky62678

    silky62678 Guest

    but to answer your question, i dont know of any programs. Try searching on google for wma streaming
  4. insaNity

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    See my old post here for your answer.
  5. RagnaroK

    RagnaroK Must be dreaming...

    I use StreamBox VCR. Use google to find it.