Ripping a stream?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PCandNetworking, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. Is there a way to rip a video clip from ESPN? I wanted to make a collection of them, but the way they load, I don't know what the url is???
  2. Eolis

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    What player plays them?? Some players can be setup to save the file in cache (QuickTime), and then just do a search. RealPlayer also can save the files........
  3. It gives you a choice of Win Media Player or Real Player, but the video opens up in it's own window, not in the media player or real player.
  4. Eolis

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    Hmmmm, not sure then. May not be able to save them becuase of copyright or something. i'm sure there IS a way, I just don't know it. Sorry.....:(
  5. neoterixx

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    I think there needs to be a revolution of Digital Video, maybe some kind of a sick player like there is for mp3s such as winamp.. :D
  6. Eolis

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    Try this:

    Choose "Windows Media", then while the video is playing, right click on the video and click "save as"....
  7. Why do u call it a sick player?