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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Rigsta, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. Rigsta

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    Windows XP Sp1 (all updates) is my current OS
    123GB (files)
    40GB (main)
    20GB (linux)

    256DDR PC2100
    AlthonXP 2Ghtz(1.67)

    when i right click a file the system crashes. basically

    i thought that this would be something that i installed recently. i uninstalled the newest programs that could be causing a fuss. no luck.

    second was that maybe extensions(winamp, winrar, PGP) were over clogging the menu. so that right clicking the menu would take s ages to load thus crashing the system. ihave been into winrar and removed all the menu enteries. this for a second worked but then a couple of minutes later it was back to normal system crashses.

    send to menu. this was the next idea i came up withh. maybe my old send to menu entereis were casuing a problem. i remembered that i had set a link to a network drive that no longer was there. so as i couldn't delete these files at all i could only move them outa the folder. i moved them intothe recylce bin. this deleted them and cleared the send to.

    still not working. right clicking a folder or even deleting a folder causes the system to crash. just hangs like an endless loop. restarted explorer.exe brings me back. but interacting which folders

    i have ran Anti-virus scans and adware programs alike to remove any bugs that ccould be causing this. still no luck.

    any ideas wouldn't go unread.
  2. Rigsta

    Rigsta OSNN Addict

    Uninstalled PGP8 and the menus are back to normal now. very strange. sorry about the post. but u never know. joe bloggs might come along and fnid it handy when faced with the same problems.

    ps. F*&K PGP8 up its arse
  3. muzikool

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    Who is joe bloggs? ;) :D

    Glad you got it working.