Rig Pimpage 2: Future Pimpage

Discussion in 'Benchmarks & Performance' started by Electronic Punk, Dec 16, 2005.

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    Much to my great sadness rig pimpage was lost, or at least most of it. But I have further plans!!!

    Firstly I have been messing around with 'Eclectic' a little bit and spent an entire evening removing cables and feeding them down the back of the motherboard tray, as well as removing all the panels and shifting many of them down to the bottom so there is less traffic around the centre of the case. Also disconnected the Crossflow fan as it isn't really needed at the moment, and removed the cable that connects teh X-Fi panel - so thats pretty much just for show at the moment. I also removed all external lights so it just sits there nice and quiet and dark these days, exept the red lights that come from the motherboard LEDs and the X-Fi Fatal1ty itself.

    Well I am planning the next stage for my second PC called "Iguana" the one I have been using for Windows Vista, but have been unable to stop myself from messing around with...


    Firstly the photo itself is already out of date as I got my hands on a Zalman HDD caddy. which I have fitted and moved upwards, allowing me to remove one additional ATE cable... cage looks very pretty and leaves the bottom of the HDD open which is very important... as you will see:


    I have a couple of planned changes that I wish to make to this system, but most likely won't be complete until the middle of January 2005. Firstly I got a black DVDRW, turns out I am that petty and I have to have everything nicely colour matched on the outside.

    The other big part is what to do with my old Aquagate as I have a lovely Hyper 6+ cooler in there now and it wouldn't make too much sense to remove it, but it is sat all alone in the corner:


    My current plan is this:
    - Remove the Aquagate and clean it up as well as I can including making sure it is completely clean and free of rust.
    - Remove the frontpanel into its various sections and spray it black with appropriete paint.
    - Get new Coolermaster cables and joints form CM in Vegas.
    - I have purchased the following online today: new fan for the front of the Aquagate, more coolant, aquagaturtle-
    - Aquaturtle will be used to cool the bottom of the HDD, will certainly be an overcooled HDD :)
    - Obtain a Northbridge cooler from CM in Vegas and replace the CM Blue Ice, which is pretty horrible and actually attached using a really week sticky strip.
    - Obtain a GPU cooler for my Nvidia 6800 ultra.
    - Make it look good :D

    Really looking forward to it as there is only so much that I can do with my case and I really miss my crazy Aquagate days:

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    Re: Ring Pimpage 2: Future Pimpage

    Excellent pimpage!

    Do up my computer....for free. It just sits there, being all black and sitty.
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    Re: Ring Pimpage 2: Future Pimpage

    *came to thread expecting to see a riNg of some sort*

    *leaves thread disappointed*
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    Re: Ring Pimpage 2: Future Pimpage

    I read the thread title and thought perhaps EP had some odd LotR thing to pimp or something completely odd.

    Anyhoo nice pimpage EP. :p
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    Re: Ring Pimpage 2: Future Pimpage

    EP == Lord of the Ring :cool:
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    Re: Ring Pimpage 2: Future Pimpage

    I thought maybe EP was getting married.....

    or not.