Riaa Website Hacked!!!

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by ssj4conejo, Aug 28, 2002.

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    Yes it is true the RIAA website has been hacked today, i dont know what time but here is the article... hope this goes on the front page http://www.cdfreaks.com/news2.php3?ID=4631
    ROTFL read it it'll make ur day
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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha
    OMG that is soooooooooooo cool !!!!!!!!
    Hackers with a sense of humour
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    LOL, way to go hackers!!
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    Very clever , but I cant praise the hackers.

    Hacking is criminal and shouldnt be allowed, doesnt matter who.
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    don't get me wrong, I'm not praising hackers in general.. it's just that RIAA now has something to think about.. if they start screwing around with people, people will get em back.. there's tons of talented hackers out there that can mess with them.. if anything RIAA just learned a valuable lesson..
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    "and if you can't find it here try kazaalite" *L*
  9. OMG, can't "praise" hackers???

    I'm so frustrated with people jumping on the "Let's all hate hackers" bandwagon! Okay so maybe you hated hackers before, 9/11 but you'd be a minority. Fact is Hackers HELP assinign multi-million sometimes multi-BILLION dollar companies figure out that they don't have SQUAT when it comes to security. Sometimes letting themselves leak Social Security numbers, even credit card numbers of unsuspecting Joe Average of the WORLD.

    Now there are hackers who are devious, and aren't helping anyone but themselves, but there are people like that in every fascet of life. But the truth is since 9/11 and the United States so called "Attack on Cyber-Terrorism Act" and other countries following; hackers as a whole have gotten a bum wrap. Now is hacking ALL bad, NO, is some and maybe even most bad, maybe; but to just come right out and say that ALL hacking is bad is just stupid. You obviously are one of those people just like all those 20th century thinkers who are afraid of change and just what the internet can REALLY do. Why do you think there are so many Copyright cases suddenly surfacing along with all those so called by you and sadly by government's "Criminal Hackers" are so afraid of HELPING yes HELPING stupid companies and government organizations find out that they can't protect really sensitve information. Because their all afraid of the internet and it's REAL users not just surf-junkies, afraid that they won't be able to keep making a measly buck off of something.

    I'm so sick of attitudes like this it's truely making me sick. I can't believe how many people just blindly go along with whatever their government says or what some businessman says only because that's the only way they've ever thought about anything. One day we're gunna wake up and it's all going to be such a sad sick world and THEN people will say "Wow, how'd we get here," and no one like me will say a goddamn thing because, we'll probably be dead or something by then from sheer frustration. Ever think that SOMETIMES the government doesn't know just what the hell it's doing(I think pretty much all the time, due again to lovely "Big-Business"), and maybe just maybe you should find out just what the hell is going on? Probably not.

    I'm sorry to go off like this, and on this site because this is truely my favorite site to get news and what not. But when that guy said, "Hacking is criminal blah blah blah, hackers are the devil blah blah blah," I just snapped. I'm NOT a hacker, and I Don't even know any hackers, but I CAN say this. I HATE "Big-Business"(oh come on you know the RIAA, DIsney, etc.) and more and more atleast here in America what policies are getting made by MY so-called represenitives but REALLY by the only people who have truely been making money off of WE THE PEOPLE, weathly white males who don't give a damn about anything but to keep on making money, I mean come on how much money do they need or deserve? I know the economy MUST survive, but the economy has turned into just a whole lot of the same people(Monopoly's). GGGGGRRRRAAAAAWWWWW!!! I can't take it anymore!

    Sorry again, but really "Criminal's"? Hardly pal, I think the REAL criminals are the people I've already mentioned and people like you who poison other people's opinions about the matter by spouting off on things you obviosly know nothing about. And if you're an admin or moderator here, sorry; I'm sure you'll remove this but I hope that in the event that you are, you'll decide to be on the side of Free Speech and Thought which I think ANY democratic society would covet MORE then friggin money. Sorry again, but like I said I've read too much about all this and heard too much about all of this and it's just sick, really truely sick.
    --End Flame--
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    Nice post

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    Without getting into an argument about the politics of hacking, etc, I thought the RIAA thing was AWESOME!!!! Absolutely beautiful. The RIAA got exactly the kind of attack they want to use against file sharers - unauthorized access to their machine(s). Outstanding work!!!!


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    nice post Brando.. it gives us all something to think about.. everything has it's place.. RIAA just learned that the hard way...
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    The Riaa.org site is still down lol, the hackers did a nice job. BY the way why do es the RIAA.ORG lie so damn much? i read in other news sources like news.com that the RIAA represntative say their site will be back shortly? hm... more than 24 hours doesnt sound shortly.
  14. RobbieSan

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    they must have done a real number on it...
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    i heard that the riaa.org was going to start "hacking" all p2p networks, shows you what happens when you make a threat like that. god help them if they say that they will get in our computers, someone might go blow up their servers

    --BrandoCalrizian Now THATS an informed post!
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    hahahaha damn locust's