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    Error 1 Invalid Resx file. Could not find file '...~\My Project\Resources.resx'. ...~\My Project\Resources.resx Sailboat Charter Agency

    I renamed a background image file, and this error happened. I named it back to the original name but it wasn't fixed. I tried re-adding the file and then it said it was still missing the original one. I tried changing the background file to the new image and it still threw an error saying it needed the original.

    I can't build my project!

    Anyone have any clues?

    Okay, it's the power of the "posting for help ghost" at work. I deleted all the files yesterday, was frustrated... today I came back, added a file, and it worked.

    So, from what I know that happened. A resx file /may/ be created after everything is deleted, saved, VB2010 closed, then opened attempt to build - get failed result - then add a resource (in my case an image) and then build it.
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