Restrict Internet across a NT4 network

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bootsy, Mar 4, 2004.

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    I know its not winXP but hear me out. I was wondering if any of you experts here knew of a solution I may not banged my head against in my quest for this. We have a network of 100+ computers. I want to restrict internet access on about 60 of them. Needless to say I could go to each one of them and mess with the registry and/or the content advisor, but this would take waaaay too long and my boos ain't having it.
    Those machines do need access to 6-10 different sites and only those sites.
    We are running our PDC on an NT4 box (i know...bleh but I'm lobbying for win2003 server) We want to upgrade but the business here is 24/7 and we cannot have any downtime and right now unfortunately we can't spare the time to plan out and design the new network server. Anyway... NT4 server is very limited as far as the profile restrictions are concerned. I know if I would be running win2000 server (at least), I would not have a problem...
    We have a proxy server, we want these users to NOT use the proxy server here in the building. They know how to click on tools>internet options>connections>lan settings... and they know the address of the proxy...although they know that this is frowned upon, they do it anyway and access inapropriate and unprofessional sites (porn mostly).
    If they do not use the proxy, they are limited to only those sites I was mentioning earlier.

    There are ways throught the registry to hide the connections tab, grey out the proxy option and even hide the internet options from the tool menu, and any of these would be great if I could implement them as a command in the existing login script across all of these machines at once but for some reason it does not work and gives error on login with that profile.

    I know we can restrict internet access through our firewall, but we want this to be a last case scenario because of the slight bottlenecking that will occur.
    If anyone here has any ideas please let me know, thanks guys