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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by slayer[X], Dec 7, 2002.

  1. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    windows just restarts itself like sh*t. Um can anybody help with this.

    It all started when i reformated my pc, after installing windows xp, i get these weird problem even if it was a fresh format.

    What could the cause be?
  2. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    specify installed applications ( especially different from those installed before format )
  3. ZAnwar

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    There is a problem with your PC then. Do you get the Blue Screen of Death screens ?

    If you do, then open up your pc and make sure all wires and cards etc. are placed in properly!

    This happened to me when my 1.4GHz's fan went out and the chip overheated!
  4. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    Nope. No BSOD. It justs turns to a black screen and like it was powered on.(you know, the post, your pc info like video cards, processor etc.)

    Well i got lots of software running 2day but just like i said it already started after installing win xp from a fresh format.

    All wires and cables are arranged properly.
  5. ZAnwar

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    Then I don't know!

    What exactly did your black screen look like ?
  6. dick471

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    XP restarts auto

    Go to the Control Panel>System>Startup & Recovery. Then uncheck the box that says "automatically restart computer". Then each time something goes wrong and it reverts back to a desktop instead of rebooting, you can find the cause in "Event Viewer". To find Event Viewer just right click My Computer on your desktop, click manage and your then open Event Viewer. Click on the last Red warning and it will show details of problem. If all else fails try the "HELP" files in XP.
  7. ZAnwar

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    good one dick471!
  8. slayer[X]

    slayer[X] Guest

    Hey thanks click471 for the settings.
  9. Kr0m

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    It could be a few things, overheating, driver problems etc...
    Does your machine reboot while idling without any programs running? Are you connected to the net in any way?