restarted for no reason.. well maybe

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ajsx15, Sep 2, 2002.

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    ok well here is my problem. ok first of all i got a 200watt psu, ok and i got the following drives running on the system..
    20gb harddrive
    Floppy drive
    ok when i had those hooked up everything was fine no problems

    then i added another 4.3gb harddrive, system ran fine for about 20 minutes then just restarted.
    i also have 3 fans in the system currently, the cpu fan, psu fan, and another fan.. basicly i am wondering did it restart cuz there wasnt enough power to run all that on 200watts? is that why?

    the 4.3gb is out now so i am going to see if it still restarts.. please post your thoughts
  2. ajsx15

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    now that the 4.3gig secondary drive is out the problem is gone. but did it restart cuz there wasnt enough power?
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    Right click my computer\properties\advanced\startup & recovery\settings. In there untick automatic restart. Instead of rebooting you will get an error message which you can post here.
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    ok the drive is back in, that setting is unchecked, i will soon enough get the error message
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    ok, i unplugged one of the fans, and i just put another psu on top of my system and hooked the fan to that, i got the 4.3gig still in too, its been about 25 mins and no problems so far, i copied stuff back and forth to the drive and all seems well so far. hopefully it will last.
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    what is slack on a harddrive, i checked stuff on sisoft sandra and it said i have 1% slack on the 4.3gb, its been about 37mins and everything is so far fine