Resetting resolution from prompt or config file.

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by zer(-)biwan, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. zer(-)biwan

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    Got myself into a bit of a bind. Economics being the way they are I'm currently using a pretty old machine for everything at the moment.
    Hardware is
    400mhz Pentium II
    256MB Ram
    Riva 128 Graphix

    It has been running XP Pro and Linux in dual boot successfully for months, but I've noticed a problem with the graphics card. It's dying slowly as the display becomes a little distorted. This happens in both XP Pro and Linux so it's obviously hardware.
    Earlier today I reduced the resolution in XP and the screen just went black>>Nothing>>zilth. I rebooted and now it fails to load drivers for XP (tried getting to safe mode and it doesn't work).
    But I can access the Linux side of things, thus the ability to post this.

    I'm wondering if I can access the config file that sets resolution and manually edit it from the linux side. This might help in being at least able to boot into XP.
    any help is well appreciated.
  2. jumpy

    jumpy Guest

    In my registry there is the DWORD value's DefaultSettings.XResolution and DefaultSettings.YResolution
    under HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\VIDEO\{87AB7BEC-33E3-419A-99C5-870B42F5472D}\0000

    These two keys decide the resolution on boot, just a matter of making up a reg file, and importing it to the registry.

    Maybe even easier though would be buy a cheap video card :)
  3. zer(-)biwan

    zer(-)biwan Guest

    You could be right, about the cheap graphix card. The card is actually integrated with the motherboard, so if I go that route it could get expensive fast.
  4. Kevin Ar18

    Kevin Ar18 OSNN Senior Addict

    You should be able to disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS if you get a new video card.