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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bush dogg, May 24, 2004.

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    Because of something that happened with the system the kid's use for homework when I was gone one day (that cost me a phone bill to a place I can't even spell and about two days work) I started working on a replacement host file adding sites as often as I could. Then awhile back I came across this site that had a nice host file with hundred's of entries.

    So I downloaded the Host file Zip (just updated 5/15/04) to look through well it's just what I've been working on looked nice.

    With the viruses that change the host file and some questions on blocking
    URL'S I thought I would post the site there's alot of info there. I'm just over half way through looking it over but I like it already (of course I'm not worried
    about some sites the kid's are blocked from now I'll get all the way through it
    and go from there) I think it will save me some work.

    you can also write protect the host file for safety.

    Just thought I would share the site

    File Host Zip Download (updated 5/15/04)

    I would sure right click the zip and explore what's there
    so you get no surprises.