repeat logging on to internet

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by stu, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. stu

    stu Guest

    I hope you guys can help. I log on to the net ok at first but after logging on and off after 3 times I get the logged on ICON in the task-bar but cannot use IE or OUTLOOK Express. I get the page unavailable/ error's message. The only way to I have foundisto access the net is to reboot, then all is ok untill 3 more on/off accesses.
    MEDION pent4 1.6 MHZ
    256 MB
    80 gig hd
    modem :creatix polymeadia V9x HAM 1394 (on com port3)
  2. MrFred

    MrFred Guest

    When you get the page unavailable/ error's message, click on FILE in the top left corner of IE and have a look on the dropdown at the WORK OFFLINE to see if there is a tick against it, if there is remove the tick.
  3. stu

    stu Guest

    Thanks it wasnt ticked. and today had to REBOOT twice before I could go on line for the 1st time. I think it might be REG problem or maybe a modem fault but all shows ok in SYSTEM folder.