Repairing XP boot sector.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by azlan, Dec 19, 2002.

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    The scenario:

    My uncle PC; one 20GB HDD and 2 partition, c: contains Win ME (arrghhh) and

    d: Win XP Pro SP1 (fewwhhh). He loves Win ME so much although it crashes

    repeatedly on him, his kids uses Win XP Pro (smart kids). After various ME

    crashes he send the PC to a PC repair shop to reinstall Win ME again. The

    shop formatted c: drive and do a clean reinstall of ME. Of course XP now wont

    boot although all the XP files on d: remains intact. What I want to know is

    how to restore XP boot sector using the Windows Recovery Console, only to

    restore the boot files. I dont want to do a full repair installation of XP,

    because I think its inpractical.
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    Alternatively fire in the XP CD and when you get to the screen "do you want to repair a current installation", click 'yes' and when you get to the command prompt type in "help", this will give you a list of the commands, and the one you want is along the lines of 'repair MBR'
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    this tutorial might be of help, it's basically about how to fix XP if you get the BSOD but there is info about the recovery console in there.

    Go Here
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    Boot off the XP CD and select the Recovery Console. Enter your administrator password and run the commands "fixmbr" and "fixboot"