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Discussion in 'Site Problems & Feedback' started by Mainframeguy, Mar 6, 2005.

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    Edit button request (Doh!)

    Now I am sure I have missed something basic here - but I just posted oin the "will the stupidity never end" thread and then gave Vetirus rep++age - he had 6 before and my power was 32 I think - so then I hit refresh..... and his rep is 41!

    OK OK I know the meaning of life is 42, does that mean no one can have that number of reps or something :p

    Or is this a symptom of EP's mental arithmetic (sic.) :p :D ;)

    GAH! DOH!! wish I could delete thread! I misread his power for his rep and now my mental arithmetic has shown itself as highly useless at this time of day!

    Errr can I change thread to suggest an enhancement - that we have an edit tag button just like the quote, url etc - would save me having to type "[/EDIT]" now!

    Oh yeah - and is a delete thread button an option for the starters of threads? Or is that a spamming hazard?
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    I'm pretty sure its not a straight addition, it works on other factors to. Also I think Ep tweaked it a while back.

    Members cannot delete threads cause you'd be deleting other peoples posts