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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by loppdawg69, Apr 18, 2002.

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    Did you guys hear about the new C&C Renegade patch? =P
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    Somebody might want to tell Waddy about that!
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    where do i find the renegade patch??:)
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    C & C Renegade v1.030 Patches

    Waddy did post this some time ago .. but if u didnt notice .. here it is.. again .

    ----Version 1.030 changes (04-15-2002)----

    - Two maps and flying vehicles have been added to the game. Flying units are only available on
    the maps that support flying vehicles: walls air and city air.

    Flying vehicle controls
    - Jump to go up: default is (Spacebar)
    - Crouch to move down: default is (c)
    - Hold down Ctrl key while pressing (a) or (d) to strafe

    - Fixed a bug where the harvester lost its pathfinding information and could be found
    driving into walls.
    - Fixed a problem with flickering meshes on ATI cards.
    - Fixed a number of chat bugs on Westwood online.
    - Added support for the mod community.
    - Multiplay hosting: The host can now choose a Mod package as the multiplayer game.
    Note that you cannot host a laddered game using a Mod package.
    - Includes several performance enhancements that should remove occasional stuttering and pauses.
    - Added support to hosting via GameSpy. The host now has the ability to kick, ban and set up passworded games. At console type "kick" or "ban" followed by their nickname.

    Download Patch

    A little neat screenshot here

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    That screenshot does look awesome, I might give the gam a second look...
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    lol this thread was made when waddy had about 8 of those on the homepage =) we were just making fun of it