Removing partial install of XP?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by busto, May 9, 2003.

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    I had XP Pro installed on my system and then Window Washer did something screwy to my system, I could only boot into safe mode and that was a damn challenge. Finally I remembered that you could repair an install of XP so I tried that but it asked me for an Administrator pass which I never had because it's my system and no one else gets on it. Well I left it blank and just clicked enter all that happened was it gave me a prompt at c:\>windows so I just completely restarted and figured I'd do an over-install well that froze up on me a couple times and seeing as I was running late for work I said f$%k it turned my system off and left, upon returning home I held my breath and turned my precious on and low and behold it booted up normally into my old windows, settings and all. Now however I have a new folder named $WIN_NT$.~BT in my C drive and I'm figuring it 's the new partial install. What I want to know is can I go ahead and delete this folder or should I go ahead and let the new install finish even though it was freezing up when I tried it the first time?
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    hmm dont know, only thing to say is that when you got the c:\windows part, thta is the recovery console :p type help for all the available commands.
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    Yes just delete it. and if you had typed HELP after the dos prompt, you would have found you was in the recovery console. the main repair comes after that at the reinstall screen. only if your running XP Pro though
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    There is no difference between Pro and Home in respect to this.

    Otherwise I agree just delete this folder. In case you get a boot menu when you start your computer, giving choice between XP and setup, and want to get rid of it, you'll have to edit your boot.ini file.