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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by JayCool, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. JayCool

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    I recently installed "NVIDIA 28.35 XP Beta w/ Refresh Rate Fixed" drivers after previously using the old 28.32 official detonator drivers. I hate what the 28.35's have done to my computer, w/ added control panel functions that i render useless as well as graphics options under a pull-down menu when I right-click on a folder My question is HOW DO I UNINSTALL THE 28.35'S COMPLETELY? I tried deleting the indiviual .sys and .dll's that are associated with wht new drivers, but I can't seem to completely get rid of them. After attempting to, I reinstalled the 28.32's, but all those annoying menus and options are still there from the 28.32 beta, and they seem to be FUNCTIONAL :(
  2. allan

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    ADD / REMOVE applet
  3. JayCool

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    There is no "applet" in the ADD/REMOVE window. BTW, i am actually running XP Pro.
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    No, I meant use the Add/Remove applet (an applet is a small application) in Control Panel to uninstall the nvidia driver. It should be listed uner Nvidia.
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    The beta drivers did not come with an uninstaller.
  6. JayCool

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    Problems with nView

    Can anyone else help me?
  7. allan

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    If they installed, they uninstall.

    Go to Windows Control Panel
    Open Add / Remove Programs
    Scroll down to Nvidia

    It must be there unless you did something strange during the installation process.
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    If for some strange reason Nvidia does not show up in the Add Remove section of the Controll pannel try this.
    First change your adapter to standard VGA Adapter.
    Then do a search and type in NV*.* and delete everything found.

    Then get the Reg Cleaner from here-
    Open the program and in the software coloum delete any Reg keys associated with Nvidia. Then in that same program go to Tools/registry clean up/do them all- run that part of the program and it should be safe to delete everything that shows up.
    (this program will automatically make a backup of anything you delete for safety purposes)
    Dont empty recycle bin just yet.
    Now everything concerning Nvidia should be gone.
    Install new drivers.
    If everything is everything empty recycle bin in a day or so.

    Hope that helps.