Remove Ads for Kaza???? Working?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by speedrayo, Mar 13, 2002.

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    Do you use FAT or NTFS?
    If i'm not mistaken, there's only a security tap when using NTFS.

    But...i could be wrong!
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    yeah i couldnt find it either, but i did replace da dll file in da system32 dir. Dunno if that removes the spyware or not.

    Just a thought, but u could try runnin adaware to remove da spyware in kazzaa

    hope dis elpz
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    waddy is DUMBAZZ...why he post it....we can't find it...

    Remove Ads From Kazaa
    Posted on Thursday, March 07 @ 16:30:00 GMT by waddy 
     Anonymous writes "Tired of all the ads at the bottom of Kazaa, not to mention the ads Kazaa causes to pop up? Here is a tweak to end all Kazaa related ads. 
    1. With KaZaA closed navigate to C: Windows > System32 > AdCache 
    2. Delete all files within 'AdCache', leave the 'Temp' folder but make sure it is empty 
    3. Right click on the folder 'AdCache' & select properties 
    4. Navigate to the Security tab 
    5. In the group or user name box, select administrator, or the appropriate user (anyone who runs kazaa) 
    6. In the permissions box deny write access 
    7. Repeat for all necessary users and click 'OK' 
    *If you don't see the Advanced tabs under Security, first DISABLE simple file sharing in order to display the necessary security tabs" 
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    This only works for XP Pro not home edition, your drive also needs to be NTFS and you need to remove the simple file sharing check mark from the Tools-Folder Options-View menu.
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    I'm not talking about File POINT IS REMOVE ADS for KAZA...SO.....I'm using WIn xp PRO .....Im not sue NTFS. so...WADDY did not said NTFS ONLY!
  7. Qumahlin

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    it only works with NTFS, simple file sharing doesn't have anything to do with kazaa file sharing.

    if you don't have NTFS and want to remove ads your gonna have to dowload the modified dll that turns off cydoor.
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    Calling the admin a dumbass might not be the best idea lol :p
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    A simpler way to get rid of the ads was posted in the General Chatter area by Wrz, it is called KazaaLite. I have tried it on a 98 machine and it seems to work fine. Here is the link if you want to check it out:
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    Thx dude :D
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    i cannot find any folder called adcache in my system and its xp pro and its ntfs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>