Remote Site, Static VPN, Domain Operations really SLOW

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Punkrulz, Oct 18, 2007.

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    Hey guys,

    Quite the tricky situation here, I'm hoping you guys can help. We're running a network here at a main building. There are two other departments that operate at separate buildings in the township. The two separate departments have a static VPN through a Cisco 1811 VPN Router established to the main building using another 1811. One remote site is using Comcast cable internet, the other is using Verizon Business DSL. There are 3 users at one location, and 5 at the other. Also, we have an ISA Server 2004 here controlling everything.

    We recently enabled RPC over HTTP to counter some problems being experienced with those locations being unable to resolve to MS Exchange. While the RPC over HTTP works, it is so incredibly slow getting passed the authentication portion. When, and IF, it authenticates, it kind of seems fine... I haven't thoroughly tested it. Typically though once the user opens up Outlook 2003, it sits there for about 3 minutes, gives them a logon box. When they type the login information, they wait another 4 minutes or so. Sometimes Outlook will tell them that the connect to the MS Exchange Server is unavailable, to retry, continue, or cancel. Other times it will finally load the mailbox.

    Furthermore, when users at those locations attempt to connect to our NAS box to get files, the authentication box appears over and over again. Even if I use the proper administrator credentials, it still shows me the login box as if it isn't being accepted.

    Can someone please help me work out this problem? What should I be looking at on the firewall? What filters should I filter out for when trying to troubleshoot? My senior co-worker states he feels that the connections are unable to handle the traffic, though I can connect to my RPC over HTTP without issue with other bandwidth intensive things running. I will give you whatever information you need, so any ideas?