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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dreamworks, Jan 25, 2003.

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    I am looking for a remote desktop software for my LAN use. The machines are running on Win2K both servers and professionals. Is there anything which is free yet good and tried out before?
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    xp has abuilt in remote desktop function, symantec has their pc anywhere software, but its not free :(
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    TightVNC will do the trick, free too :)
  4. dreamworks

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    Thanks .. I have tried and is still using TightVNC. Just wandering if there is anything out there that might be better still? :D
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    I haven't found anything better than VNC so far. It's so easy to configure behind a router too. Just forward a port, and you're done.
  6. well server 2000 has terminal services which you load (just ts not the app & licencing) and then set to administrative mode. this gives two remote connections for administrative purposes (which they now call remote desktop in xp)
    and if you go to xp pro for the workstation instead of 2k pro you will have the remote desktop there also

    all built in and free if you already have the OS's and adds no overhead. i can remotely hook to my servers at my friends house and do stuff like i was sitting at it and it uses the windows login local or domain if you have one. even through a dial up it works very well:D
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    REmote desktop dial-in

    I have two xp pro computers one host one guest. THe host is set to accept incomming connections dial in. I can dial in but can't get to do much more then that. I can't view network files can't establish remote desktop or anything. THe guys at CDW told me I can't view other network folders...I thought you could. But they say you should be able to do remote desktop. I have given my user name permission to do everything. I am the admin on both. and I can connect to the computer through a regular lan cat 5 line. I can view the files and do remote desktop. Can anyone help. CDW is not helping:mad:
  8. to use it remotely you have to have permissions to connect that way (which sound like you do if your doing it on a local network) but to use it from elsewhere you have to open the ports to do so through firewall.
    right click the outside network connection/properties/ advanced tab/ then settings bottom at bottom. you'll see remote desktop listed in list , check box it will open appropriate ports.