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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dejanr, May 29, 2005.

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    This one is driving me crazy.

    At work I have ZyXEL ZyWALL 10. At home I have Linksys WAG54G. I have a VPN IPsec tunnel up and running. I can ping, map disks, everything works except remote desktop connection. And even RDC worked for months until last Wednesday. Then it just stopped working, without apparent reason. I didn't change anything in ruter configuration; maybe I just did some Windows XP Pro update (critical update from Microsoft site).

    And now goes the funny part: RDC actually work from home Windows XP Pro SP1 computer to Windows 2003 server at work, but only if I open one RDC connection, click connect, then minimize this connection, start another one and connect using it to the server. Then it works for hours, without problems.

    If I try the same medicine for Windows XP station at work, it works partly. Open one connection, Connect, Minimize, Open another connection, Connect, type username and password and now I see the screen, icons etc but cannot move anything, cannot type etc. Then after some time the connection fails.

    The message is always "The connection to the remote computer was broken. This may have been caused by a network error."

    Old terminal service client works all the times in one direction (from home computer to work). No way to access home computer from work, I just get the black screen when I try RDC or Terminal Service client.

    I don't know where to look for a solution. What is the difference between Win2003 and WinXP in respect of RDC? What is the difference between first and second RD connection? Does routing tables change (I suppose this is some kind of a routing / NAT issue) when I have one RDC active, and then start another one?

    Please help.

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    I solved the problem, so maybe this will help somebody with the similar symptoms. It is called Black Hole Router, a router somewhere in between sites that does not correctly treat long IP packages.

    The solution is included in Window XP, you just have to add one registry key (why didn't they turn it on by default is beyond me). Just see

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    Welcome dejar. Thanks for letting us know. :) Glad you got it sorted.