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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sc_3007, May 21, 2005.

  1. sc_3007

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    Im having a puzzling Remote desktop connection problem, I hope someone can help. Let me explain what I am running,

    I have two windows XP machines running on a wireless 54g network. They are Belkin cards. I have a netgear modem router with a DSL connection. Now, I am trying to connect over a LAN so there are no internet issues. I have three firewalls in total. One on each machine and one on my modem router.

    Initially I thought I was having a firewall issue. But I have ruled this out. I will explain. I set up the machine that i am connecting to by going to my computer > properties and then selecting remote and allowing the remote connection and I set up all of that computers users to allow remote connection. Done, then I did the same for the other machine for testing purposes.

    I forwarded the port on my router modem and allowed both IP's on Zone alarms on both machines. However I tried to connect from, lets call it computer 1 to computer 2 and it did not connect. It told me I was having network problems. So I pinged the IP and checked the port was open and it pinged fine and the port was listening happily. I then de-activated both firewalls and tried to connect from computer 1 to 2 again and again, nothing!

    So I was thinkin, could still be a network problem, so then I physically logged on at computer 2 and tried to connect to computer 1 with all firewalls on. It was really wierd, it connected first time!!!! I was really shocked, I when back to computer 1 adn tried to connect and it still told me there was a network error???

    This doesnt make much sense. What I cant understand is that why would it not work in one direction, but work fine in the other. Ive pinged it and tested the port and it comes out ok, can anyone suggest anything???
  2. ming

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    I'm having the same problem actually. It worked once quite a while ago, but I keep restoring windows every 6 months so I can't remember what settings/configurations I had when it worked. :(
  3. dave holbon

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    What’s the Netgear ADSL modem router is it a DG834? Because if it is it will not behave consistently with its specifications if any software firewall is in place that accesses the Internet.

  4. sc_3007

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    Both the machines use pro. There are only two computers that I am trying to connect. The third firewall is on the router.

    I do have that router but I disabled all of my software firewalls and it still plays up so I am not sure that that is the problem. It may be but Im not 100% sure. So if that is the case is there any way I can fix it??
  5. Admiral Michael

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    is the windows firewall is disabled? also what service pack(s) do you have installed?