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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jhawks2266, Dec 3, 2001.

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    i know you can install remote desktop on a Win9x/NT machine, but how do you connect to a Win9x/NT with remote desktop installed with a machine with XP?
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    This is an easy one =) You can't!

    You must be running Terminal Server on the host machine (which is built in to XP Pro, 2K Advanced Server, 2K Server (was there such a thing???), and NT 4. There are alternatives, however. You can head over to AT&T [link][/link] <--There and download and install VNC (Virtual Networked Computer) on both machines and remote control a Win95/98/me/nt 4/2k/xp/linux/unix/mac/whatever from any of the same =) It's relatively fast, easy to set up, and gets the job done!!
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    Thanks for the reply, i tried every possible way.... just double checking... thanks for that link, why would anyone use pcanywhere if they can get VNC for free???
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    good question...never used pcanywhere, but the only reason i could think of is pcanywhere could be easier to set up? but vnc is pretty damn simple now too, so that's pretty much out.
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    Instant and "easy" dial support mainly, that would be why you would see it in general. Then, these same users would use it on the LAN. Plus, it has integrated support for user permissions in NT by attaching a filter to the GINA.DLL file, but unfortunately that method is sensitive to revision levels and service packs (ever hear about the BSODs at logon in Win2K with v9.0/1? That's why).

    I have never used VNC myself, but I love Terminal Services since you can run multiple concurrent sessions on the same box, and it's pretty quick as well.
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    Remote Desk Top

    I am getting a REMOTE DESKTOP DISCONNECTED dialog box. It said that The clint could not connect to the remote computer.

    This has started when I loaded SP2, before I loaded SP2 I was able to preform desktop remote going to computer A to computer B and from computer B to computer A.

    Can some one help me out without reinstalling my Operating system.
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    Holy thread resurrection!

    Welcome to OSNN Wardell - I am not aware of SP2 issues with remote desktop, but I DO know that VPN has been affected and so it would not surprise me if this were too. I am not sure if you have tried it yet, but perhaps a search or two of the forums may also prove fruitful?

    On a side-note you will not need to reinstall your O/S - if it is an SP2 issue you can just go to the restore point before SP2 or even remove SP2 I think from ADD/REMOVE programs selection.

    Perhaps someone else here knows about this - I do know plenty folks here use remote desktop and I am guessing many of them will have SP2 on also!
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    I found that when I beta tested SP2, I constantly sent emails to Microsoft about Remote Desktop not working when the SP2 firewall was turned on (even though it was set to allow connections through it). Now, I had this problem up until the actual RTM release so I'm willing to bet that it may still be a problem. Try turning OFF the Windows XP firewall and see if your remote desktop connection works.
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    Setting up Remote Desktop Web ConnectionRemote Desktop Web Connection is an optional World Wide Web Service component of Internet Information Services, which is included by default in Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000. Remote Desktop Web Connection is not installed by default, but must be installed using Add or Remove Programs.

    When you install Remote Desktop Web Connection, the files are copied by default to the %systemroot%\Web\Tsweb directory of your webserver. The included sample default.htm and connect.asp page can be used as is, or you can modify them to meet the needs of your application.

    On the client side, Remote Desktop Web Connection requires that the computer have a TCP/IP connection to the Internet or network, and be running Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

    For more information, see:

    To install Remote Desktop Web Connection.
    To connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Web Connection.
    For information on customizing Remote Desktop Web Connection, see the Microsoft Platform SDK.
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    Wow, holy ancient thread bump. :D

    Remote connection SP2 -> SP1 works without additional settings, but I haven't tried SP* -> SP2 yet. I would guess you'd need to allow port 3386 through the SP2 firewall.
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    vnc if a great app that's free. it's a little slower than pca, but reliable.