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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mafiafromrussia, May 7, 2002.

  1. hi just resently started using this thing and what i found out is when u connect to the computer from other location it automatically kicks u out without saying anything. can this be prevented? like it there's a connection coming in that it would ask if i want it or not.
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    Just a little confused here. When you say that it kicks you out, do you meen that when someone connects to your computer remotely, it kicks you out? If so, that is the way remote desktop is designed to work. If not please let me know what is going on. What kind of errors, and junk like that.
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    No, but Windows XP is not a multi-user operating system. That is the only way Remote Desktop works. If you want multiple users to use the same desktop work area try WinVNC

  4. i understand that it's supposed to log me off, but what i'm wondering if it can first say that some one wants to connect and take over, and so that maybe i can cancel the connection attempt
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    Nope, it will just kick who ever is on the system off. (Actually it just locks that desktop, and opens annother for the remote user) It would be a nice feature that you could turn on and off. But for the most part the remote desktop was designed for people to work on their work computer from home which would negate the need for someone at the work computer to click "OK" let this person access the system remotely. But again, that feature would be good if you could turn it on and off. Maby we'll bring it up to Billy and the gang for Blackcomb. :)
  6. yea that would be good if they added that feature. i should call him up and talk about this stuff.
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    there is an option for you to turn multi-session on so that even people connect to your pc, ur login won't be affected at all... however forgot where is the settings... will get back to u once i found it... ;)