Remote Assistance Enabled?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tomsxp1, Jun 21, 2002.

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    Hello, Everyone: Should the "Allow this Computer to be Controlled Remotely" be Enabled? I mean, isn't this something that just needs to be enabled Only if you are letting someone take over your pc when it needs special work done to fix it? I can still access my pc from another pc if it is disabled, can't I? I feel that if it is enabled, can't any hacker take it over? Maybe i am out of line with all this, but i just don't know! Tom
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    Not that there aren't vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop, however, in order for someone to control or even see what is going on in your machine via this service, you have to invite them to do so. The recipient is sent an asp token good only for the amount of time you specify and then you have to validate them just to look at what you are doing when they attempt to use it. They have to be give permission again in order to take remote control of your machine.

    I'm sure it's not a perfect system, but as long as you stay fully patched, you ought to be alright.

    On the other side, I'm not sure there is a detriment to disallowing Remote Assistance unless you need it.
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    thewraith, Thank You for the information, just trying to get as many facts as i can! Tom
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    steffals, Thank you for the site, I will be taking a look at it when i get home on Monday.