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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Gobbles, Dec 8, 2001.

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    Is it possible to have a PC running Win ME ask for remote admin on a PC with XP over a network?
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    Um, I was assuming that you have used remote desktop or terminal services before. But, I was wondering, have you? If so, then this is a really straightforward process for you. If you need any help, just ask.

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    yer if it is like the remote assistance thing in Windows Messenger i should be ok
    but if it isnt could ya gimme a hand
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    I am not sure about the remote assistance, but If you connect to a Windows 2000/.net terminal server with anyother client than windows 2k/xp you'll only have 90 days to use it. That is unless you fork over the money to buy clients. Windows 2k/xp come with a client and 9X do not.

    Have a great one.
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    That's in application mode, not administration mode where those licensing issues come into play:

    You only get 2 concurrent connections in administration mode, and you can connect with pretty much any MS OS (and even Linux with a special utility). As for NT Terminal Server, I am not aware of any special licensing other than general user connections (CALs) to it to begin with, so the OS *shouldn't* make any difference.

    Back to WinXP, here's a link from MS giving a pretty good overview about it:

    And a bit further down, using the left frame on that page for navigation, you will see this little gem:

    This link begins to show how to enable it and how to select non-admin users to connect to it.

    Once you start using it, it's hard to go back. I administer 7 servers with TS, and another 10 WinXP workstations/laptops (test rollout on these babies) using TS/Remote Desktop/RDP and it makes life MUCH easier.