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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by emmie-chan, Mar 18, 2002.

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    ok, well, here's the deal. my friend and i have been trying to get this thing to work where he can get access to my computer. it's basically just like the remote access thing that comes with XP. anywho, my friend likes this better, but the problem is that he can't access my comp with the ip addy that i give him. apparently, it has something to do with my router (?). or so he says.

    anyway, i'd like any suggestions on what i can do to give him my correct ip addy (even though i'm pretty sure i have). the link at the very top is where i've downloaded the proggie.

    i'd give more info, but right now, i'm on vicodin for my three (thas right THREE not FOUR) extracted wisdom teeth, so i'm beginning to get a lil lightheaded and drowsy. if there's more info needed, please ask. i'll get back asap. thanks! bye now. :)
  2. zman

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    Open Ports 5800 and 5900

    Also tell him to use his browser


    http://Your IP here:5800
  3. Lactic.Acid

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    ZMan, the web-access method like that only works if it's installed on the host...though emmie didn't say if she installed that part of it.

    Enjoy the vicodin, emmie, I'll be joinin ya on drugs pretty soon for a surgery =)
  4. DrX

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    Lactic : Using http with VNC - there is nothing extra to install - The VNC client applet uses port 5800 to connect, so whether you use http or the client is irrelevant.

    There is nothing extra to install, you install VNC - you can use either http or the VNC client to access.

    Type : ipconfig /all in a command prompt to get your true IP
  5. emmie-chan

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    hmm... i'm barely understanding any of this hehe... me and my comp-illiterate self. hmm... DrX: i tried the ipconfig/all command, and a list of numbers pops up, including the IP addy i had originally given my friend. there is also a number next to DNS servers. should i give that number instead? argh. i really ought to be working on my finals instead of worrying about comp stuff right now, but oh, well! hehe
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    are you behind a router...if you are you need to turn on ip forwarding and set it to send port 5800 to the destination computer, If you are using a router post which one you are using.
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    :eek: this is starting to jumble itself altogether! keep in mind, i'm not a computer person. i THINK i'm behind a router (i mean, i MUST be if there are like tons of WIRES comin' from my comp in order for the DSL to work everywhere else). as for that other stuff... erm. i'm sorry i'm a ditz. please explain in laymen's terms. 10Q.
  8. loppdawg69

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    Ok if you are behind a router then all your computers share one true IP. All the IP's behind that router are basically invisable to the outside world the outside world just sees your routers IP. So what you need to do it turn on IP forwarding...what IP forwarding does is when another computer requests info fro your router it will have a port attached to it vnc usually uses 5800 so what you want to do is confiigure your router so that when port 5800 is requested you can direct it to any internal IP addrss you specify. usually you can configure your router by connecting to it through a web address try this link So what you wanna do under your forwarding option set it so that port 5800 redirects to for example below is my configuration page for how i have it set up.
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    oh yeah and with a router and ip forwarding your friend will want to tell VNC to connect to the routers IP address no your internal IP...what brand of router do you use?
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    i use linksys for my router... and thanks for the input. i'll reread this post in the morning after i rest my bleary-finaled-out eyes. *sleepy smile*