Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by JasonV, May 4, 2002.

  1. JasonV

    JasonV Guest

    I'm going to upgrade my Celeron system to AMD system, so do I need to reinstall the WinXP in order to make it works? I'm using WinXP Pro(DevilOwnz). Thanks.

  2. Sgt Shultz

    Sgt Shultz Guest

    If you r changing from a Celery to an AMD then Chances are you may have to reinstall.

    I've gotton away with install a Kt133 > kt133a > kt266, with hardware ghosts.
    But if the chipsets are different enough, kt133a > kt133, then if won't go into windows.

    If your using a cracked version of XP the reinstall doesn't really matter anyway, does it?
  3. JasonV

    JasonV Guest

    I remember last time I change my current m/b to another one(which's same chipset) but WinXP showed me the BSOD, it won't let me in, although I'm using the cracked WinXP. That's what I'm wondering.