Refresh Rate to high in some games

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Son-Of-Liberty, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. I have a crappy moniter and a good computer and i ahve installed warcraft 3 and the splinter cell demo and i cat play them becasue they start out with a refresh rate to hight or the resolution is to high does anyone know how to get around this or a program for it.
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    Your monitor res. should be at 800x600 or higher any lower will force software acceleration. Most 3d games now must have the support of video card acceleration in order to play
  3. it is a 1024-768 and a refresh rate of 60hertz that is the best it can do but when i start the game everything gets all blurry like i have the game set to high but i have never been able to set the specs on it because they were to high in the first place.
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    well if you have an Nvidia card download there newest drivers and in the options you can force certain refresh rates at certain res. If you don't have an Nvidia card check the manufac. page if they have any kind of fix for an issue like this and if that doesn't work u might poke around in the .inf files in the game directory to see if theres something in it that pertains to your res and refresh rate.
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    I had this problem with warcraft 3 on my old monitor (very old). I think there is a registry key, around HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Blizzard....?
    Something like that, and there is an entry for the refresh rate in their somewhere. Haven't got it installed at the moment so can't say exactly :) have a poke around anyways. Just change the value that pertains to your resolution down to 60hz or whatever your monitor supports.
    And for some other games have a look around the .ini files for refresh rate settings as krux said.
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    this may help you run "dxdiag" BTW this is with direct x 8.1 then go to the more help tab and click override button but be careful as you can damage you monitor as it states check out the screenshot:cool: