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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by GZFirestorm, May 29, 2002.

  1. GZFirestorm

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    ive got XP Pro ready to go.

    my setup is:
    dell 1.7GHz
    1.0GHz ram
    THX sound
    Nvidia 64MB Ge2 Ultra
    60GB 7200rpm hard drive

    last time i attempted this, the reformat rendered my video card totally useless even after attempted detinator driver revival tactics (down to 4 colors) and nothing worked properly (would only accept safe mode). i am wondering if it had something to do with erasing the ZZTOP thing that dell puts on all their computers (a complete, hidden partition that is used for emergency redo's if someone F's up like i did) ive been reluctant to try ever since, but have gotten to the point where i cant take all this added CRAP on my computer, and want to reformat even if it means crashing again and losing everything permanently.

    does ANYONE have a real life, good, working website/explination of how i can safely reformat my entire computer and clean reinstall with my XP Pro? thanks again folks. :D
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    I don't know why formating your drive would have an effect on the Video card. Is it onboard, or factory installed?
    I'm assuming a GeForce2Ultra would'nt be.
    That was probably more of a driver issue. I've heard Nvidia drivers can be picky at times. To reformat, just boot with the cd destroy all partitions, make sure there's nothing you want on them first :), then create on large partition.

    When XP boots up it shouldn't find any video drivers, hopefully, then install the latest.
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    do i assume that i need to read the "burning guide (.iso)" because after reading that i think im going to go jump off a cliff. :confused:

    what is an .iso
    why do i need to copy it to my hard drive
    what is CRC.EXE (downloaded it and it is CRC.RAR :confused: )
    do i use the CD method or the hard drive method ... and why :confused:

    *looks for that cliff* :D