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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jason2slow, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. jason2slow

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    how do you make the recycle bin on the desktop go away? i want to use y dock and no icons but i dunno how to get rid of the recycle bin
  2. Petros

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    I guess you could make a transparent icon and name it a space.
  3. prinsipe

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    right click on your desktop>arrange icons by>uncheck show desktop icon
  4. Admiral Michael

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    Or to remove it goto Display Properties, select the Desktop Tab and click the "Customize Desktop" button and your option is there.
  5. jason2slow

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    thanks prinsipe
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  7. Brad

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    or if you have xp pro, hit windows key + r and them type gpedit.msc .
    click the administrative templates under user configuratinon and then click on the word desktop. in the right pane look for "Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop". right click on that and then go to enable. click ok, exit out of Group Policy editor. right click on the desktop and go to "refresh"
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