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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by canadian_divx, Mar 18, 2003.

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    not sure if this would be eaither in games or apps but ehre it is, now i want to record a UT2K3 game into a video format so i can edit it down for some fun, i used to use fraps but it is not working any more, does anyone know of a prog that will do this for me?? and i am not going to use my Tv out and record on a VCR, crappy quality
  2. killerk

    killerk Guest has a "video capture program"

    I used demorec last night, and it works great of UT2003.
  3. S1RE

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    It's a built in command for UT2k3 why wouldn't work flawlessly? =)
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    How big are the files say for a 5 min recording of UT2003?

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    uh, i think he said fraps wasn't working for him anymore! :p
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    not sure if this helps, but I actually did the same thing you're talking about with PS2 this weekend with Dazzle DVC10. I hooked up my laptop to my TV via S-video cable and just recorded it on my laptop. You can capture anything that displays on your TV. So you could play a VHS tape for example, and it would record in .vcd format. Technically, you can even copy dvds, I just play the dvd and capture it on my laptop with the software Dazzle comes with. You'd have to shell out the cash for it though, it's about $170 for the Dazzle video creator