rebuilding the MBR for XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pc_tek, Dec 29, 2001.

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    Being new to XP (only a week), some threads I have seen have gotten me thinking. in 9x/ME, you could FDISK/MBR to rebuild the master boot record. Since there is not an FDISK in XP, is there a quick way like that to rebuild the MBR without doing a complete repair or even a partial repair?

    ~~~ever curious~~~
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    Not an expert on this, but I don't think Fdisk /mbr rebuilds the mbr but makes sure it is included in the Fdisk option of creating new partitions.
    Better check with people smarter than me before using that option and loose mbr completely.
    Why are you trying to rebuild mbr?
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    repair of mbr

    thanks for your inputs. I think that even if i added the fdisk to a boot disk and did an fdisk/mbr that would rebuild the standard dos/9x/ME mbr and i dont think that would work with XP.

    I dont need to do it, just curious more than anything. I know if you do a repair, that takes some time to boot up from the cdrom and go through all of the hoops of the XP installation startup hoopla. I just thought there might be an easier way than to go through all of that.

    I was just looking online and found something in windows 2k about the windows recovery console. Interesting, i bet it is the same in xp. it tells you how to fixmbr but still have to boot from cdrom or the extensive 4 boot floppies. here is the website if interested:;EN-US;q229716

    Thanks again!

    Curious tek! (hehehe)
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    I am not aware of the 4-disk boot floppy option. Heard it mentioned many times, but have not seen it.
    The 6-floppy boot disks from MS or seem to load all the startup files that the CD does when booted.
    These bootdisks, especially the one at that site that is a single floppy that loads smartrdv (made from a Win98 disk ) has been all I needed so far to install XP on a system with no CD boot, or even to repair my own system after my tweak addiction has lead to problems.
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    i get the 4 disk floppy option from my work win 2k machine. i guess i am assumming that it is the exact same. Yep is an old favorite of mine.

    addiction... forget im passed that. here are some tweaking websites i have stumbled across... some good, some not so good, but so far I think this is the best as far as info sharing. some of the other sights actually have more tweaking shtuff.

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    Don't forget !

    You are right. "Addiction" is a measly term for my problem. It has become my "raison d'ĂȘtre".
    Thanks for the couple of new links.
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    Boot off your XP cd. Load the recovery console. Login as administrator. The command should be "fix mbr" and "fix boot" you can always type help for the complete command list.