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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by 5meg, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. 5meg

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    Why does my WinXP after a shutdown, next time I come to turn it on boot, then re boot and the only way to my desktop is to go in to safe mode re boot once more and then everything is fine untill I shut down and then the circle starts once more...
  2. Bear59

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    Hello... I have the exact same problem I think. Everyday when I turn the computer on for the first time everything seems to be ok. The post shows my HD's and cd roms, then the WinXP logo screen comes on then just before it shoud goto the welcome screen it reboots me then prompts me for safe mode or normal mode. If I choose safe mode then restart everything is fine. At this point if I choose Normal mode it will reboot me again at the Starting WinxP professional logo screen. So I can't get into the OS without starting in safe mode first then reboting. I can even turn the PC off for 5 or 10 min or even an hour and it will boot properly again, but if turned off overnight the problem starts all over again.

    System Specs:
    AMD Athalon Thunderbird 1.333 Ghz
    Abit KT7E with lates bios update
    512 meg sdram
    ATI Radeon 7500 video
    SB Live value edition sound card
    Primary Master Drive New Maxtor 7200 80Gig drive
    Primary Slave Drive Maxtor 40 Gig 7200 rpm
    Secondary Master 52X creative labs cdrom
    SEcondary Slave 16X10X40 LG CD burner
    Dlink 538 NIC 10/100

    How it all started:

    My original 40 gig maxtor was starting to click and whine so I had to RMA the drive and got a replacement. Before getting the replacement I purchase an 80 gig Western digital, installed WinXP Pro then transferred my info from the dying 40 gig maxtor.
    NOw the Wd 80 gig started clicking and grinding and the Reboot Safe mode problem began. I RMA'd the WD 80 gig and received another. Same problem so the wholesale I deal with gave me another 40 Gig maxtor to try as the main drive to see if the motherboard was causing the problem but it seemed to be ok. So I sent back the 80 gig WD and exchanged it for the 80 Gig Maxtor. Now I have the same problem all over again.

    I've been screwing around with this since Jan and I'm getting really frustrated. Once my system boots after going into safe mode then rebooting everything is very stable. I think I might have to RMA my motherboard next.

    Anybody else having these frustrating problems? Any solutions or insite would be greatly appreciated.

  3. stuy_b

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    Try booting to the command console and running CHKDSK, sounds to me like information is not being saved properly on shutdown. This is more than likely fixable by getting the latest motherboard & BIOS drivers for your PC.

  4. Bear59

    Bear59 Guest

    Ok... So how do I get to the command console and once there how do i run chkdsk. I just updated my bios about a month ago but I will check to see if there is anything newer. I've updated my video card drivers but everything else is using generic WinXP drivers.

    I have the via chipset on my MB but I never installed any of those troublesome Via 4 in 1 drivers. I did try to install the latest one a couple of weeks ago but it totally destroyed my system. I ended up doing a clean install again for the 14th time.

    Do you really think drivers are going to help my pc boot up properly. I mean yeah once into windows then those drivers start doing their thing for you but I don't think drivers would change my cold boot problems. Once my system is up and running(done by choosing Start Windows in Normal Mode 3 times before I get to my desktop) then everything is very stable.

    I'm starting to think that my MB could be flaky. Anymore thoughts, comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  5. Khayman

    Khayman I'm sorry Hal... Political User Folding Team

    also could try goin to run and type "sfc /scannow" (no quotes)
    make sure XP cd is in the drive. this checks system files and makes sure they are not corrupt
  6. Bear59

    Bear59 Guest

    Hey... I will give this a try sfc/scannow as soon as I get home from work. I was just reading in the forums and it was indicated that possible the Kernell32.dll file may be corrupted so going thru this process may solve my problem.

    Thanks for the reply and I'll let you know what happens...

  7. 5meg

    5meg Guest

    I think I have sorted this problem, so far anyway. Full format winXP, install ME then use the WinXP disk to update. The other problem that I fixed was DELETE AD AWARE by LAVASOFT, this has improved my boot up and stability, I do not know how or why it should but this little shareware program has cost me more time and hassle than it is worth..Funny really because my drive was clicking aswell, I have a MAxtor 20gb and since ad aware has been removed so has the clicking.