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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by scottgod, Mar 10, 2002.

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    Hi could somebody, please help. I have two systems that I have networked on a simple cable to system without a hub. I used windows network xp wizard to configure both systems that are both running XP home. Everything works fine, but when I turn one of the systems off they both forget there network protocols and no longer see each other on the network.

    Any assistance of advice much appreciated.

    I do have an audigy sound card that is capable of networking. Could this be the spanner in the works?

    Cheers Scott
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    Erm, call me dense here (most people do) but if you turn a machine off then its .erm , off IE no longer part of the network.

    As for a networking soundcard , as far as I know the audigy has no networking capabilities but does have a firewire port.
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    sorry not very clear

    Sorry it wasnt very clear was it. When I reboot the pc that is connected to my broadband and feeds the other pc it no longer has a network. It is fine when I run the wizard on both systems but when I restart the Pc (after installing new software etc) it has lost its network connection with the other pc. I then have to re-run the wizard on both pc's and again its is fine. I mentioned the audigy card as I understood that you could run a firewire network between two audigy armed pc's.

    Any Ideas.

    cheers Scott