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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by LS1, Aug 21, 2003.

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    I'm useing XP Pro. I have loaded on a couple of different versions of RealOne Player only to find they will not run.No error messages or anything just my mouse showing as busy for a couple of seconds then nothing.I have had it running on my computer in the past but not for a few months. Could this be the problem did I let an older version expir?
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    select CTRL + ALT+DEL the process may be running. kill all the processes that have to do with "real". this has happenedt o me before....or you can just reboot...if you have time uninstall reinstall
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    That was the first thing I thought I deleted anthing remotely related to realone audio.Thanks for giving it a try though.
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    You could wait for more replies, but if you can't solve the problem or you want to use a more lightweight alternative, you could try installing "Real Alternative 1.04" which basically enables you to play RealMedia files in Media Player Classic.

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    Thanks NetRyder but that's the program I'm useing right now.
  6. Do you have a firewall running and is it blocking real one's Internet access?