Real Transformer!!

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by tdinc, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. tdinc

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    Real Transformer


    The car stopping test is awesome :eek:

    edit: found out 100% hoax....."looked real to me
  2. NerdUprising

    NerdUprising [ Method ]

    lol points to that guy for the sweet sweet CGI work :D
  3. gonaads

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    The car stopping vid is where it gave it up... There was/is no way that the way the robot possitioned itself to stop the truck that it was real. The turn, pivot, lean and grab was much too much. :D

    Looks f00kin cool though. :p
  4. Henyman

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    he he that was good :p
  5. canadian_divx

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    grest CGI but the pure physics involved to stop that car woudl mean that the robot it self is about the same weight and there is no way a mini is that heavy. but it looks great