Real Madrid wins 29th title...

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by Sazar, Jun 23, 2003.

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    read all about it... ronaldo earning his keep there... and nice to see raul back in the mix after a recent spate of injuries...

    of course becks is coming over.. will be interesting to see what he does... since he is decidedly more one-dimensional than real's current central midfield duo (a position he covets) and their wingers are reasonably good too... plus they actually CAN defend a little :)

    marketing ploy or will he actually play ?

    I know macca got in the action and is now a reliable player there.. I wonder if becks can too.. else he will have proven he is inferior to macca... and perhaps sven will have to put macca back in the national team :)
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    I think becks will play... but only now and then - I dont see him being a regular unless he's played at right-centre midfield cuz Figo is so much better imo
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    Who cares if he plays or not....As long as he keeps his window-licker of a wife in Spain with him, the UK will be happy lol
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    if compare becks and mcmanaman, i prefer mcman because he is versatile and go for ball more than becks...
    but of coz becks passing and freekick are awesome!

    too bad man u sell him! now have to watch spanish football to be able to watch becks in action! as rumour said, figo i think will be goin as realmadrid have too many midfielder more than reliable defender........
    but love to see roberto carlos and pavon in action... and the very versatile makelele ;)

    altho ronaldo lack those speed... but his dribbling and shoot for goal totally superb.... R o n a l dooooooooo! :D