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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by MeFo, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. MeFo

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    Santiago, Chile
    everytime i change my nvidia to an ati card ( we swap em with a friend :) )
    installing the ati drivers are a pain, i clean everything nvidia related with detonator destroyers, delete some reg keys that hang around, delete the nvidia folder on C:\, well i destroy everything nvidia related
    so then i install catalysts, and they give me choppy performance: bad colors, clipping, texture misplacement, etc.
    So i uninstall, install and i get better performance, i have to do like 5 delete/installs before i get decent performance. Has anyone experiece this before??
    currently using omega's 3.10 drivers, on 2nd install, still 3 to go :mad:

    when i swap from ati to nvidia again, on 1st install everything works fine

    o i forgot, using winxp sp1 with all updates and stuff
    athlon xp 2k
    512 ram
  2. Sazar

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    seems obvious that you have nvidia drivers left over m8...

    I dunno where it is but there is a driver cleaner that removes all traces incl registry entries... should make life a little easier for you when you swap...
  3. MeFo

    MeFo el mafioso

    Santiago, Chile
    crappy nvidia, its like microsoft, cant be fully deleted, no freedom!
  4. Erbmaster

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    Omega 3.10 are reall nice drivers imho.
    I agree with Sazar, you have nVidia crap left over.
    The program you need is Detonater Destroyer.

    I've uploaded it, and it's virii free,
    but if you like you can google for it under that name if you prefer. ;)

    Just noticed you already tried DD.
    Did your nVidia driver install include any DVD software etc?
    When installing from CD, you can get allsorts of "utlities"
    thrown in, and ergo hanging around afterwards
    as straight driver deletion doesn't always run their uninstall routines.

    There's also a utility I used to use, but now it's no longer free..Pfft. ;)
    Called WinDriverExpert. It's excellent for saving and trying different driver
    configurations, and prides itself at being able to trace drivers to relative
    devices in an easy to use GUI. Claims it's good for troubleshooting troublesome drivers.

    The succeeding application is now badged MyDrivers, and is at version 2.21
    Think it's a trial demo, so why not give it a whirl? ;)

    You can read about it here
    You can download it from here

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  5. GoNz0

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    i find nasty file remover (google) to be good for the task :)
  6. LeeJend

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    nfr.exe but there are still some nvidia files left on my ati setup even with nfr. I finally got tired of trying to remove them.
  7. MeFo

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    Santiago, Chile
    thing is i can't find any NVIDIA/NV/Geforce/GF/GTS strings in the registry, nor in hdd
    i guess detonators are kinda hard to kill.
    im using the default ones from
    thanks erb, ill try those ones later, i'll keep you informed :)
  8. Howling Wolf

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    Search for Driver Cleaner ;)