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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by Johncki, Aug 16, 2002.

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    Hey all. I have a nice little animated icon that i would like to put into the text of an e-mail. not as an attachtment. but after a sentence.. I dont know if this can be done. Could anyone shed some light on this for me? Heres the nice little Icon animated. Hope someone can help me out here. I want to send it to my Bro. Thanks.
  2. Bman

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    i think you can just put INSERT image in most email clients !
  3. damnyank

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    From Help in Outlook Express:

    To insert a picture into a message

    Click the place in the message where you want the image to appear.
    On the Insert menu, click Picture, and then click Browse to find the image file.
    Enter Layout and Spacing information for the image file as needed.

    If you cannot select the Picture command, make sure HTML formatting is turned on by clicking the Format menu in the message window and then clicking Rich Text (HTML). A black dot appears by the command when it is selected.
    If message recipients are not able to view your inserted images, on the Tools menu, click Options. Click the Send tab, click HTML Settings, and then make sure that Send pictures with messages is selected. Then resend your message.
    To insert a background picture into your message, in the message window, on the Format menu, point to Background, and then click Picture. Click the Browse button to search for the file you want to use.

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    Thanks so much b-man_ and damnyank!!! I got it. amazing. I learn so much from u peeps! It worked. Again Thankyou and have a great day : )