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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by pjchappy, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. pjchappy

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    I have PC 800 RDRAM. . .I am just curious as to how the speed of this RAM compares to that of SDRAM today?

    What is the speed of my RAM?

    thanks for answering my silly questions. . .

  2. sdibias

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    PC-100 SDRAM refers to SDRAM running at 100-MHz bus speed; PC-133 SDRAM runs at 133-MHz bus speed.

    RDRAM is Rambus DRAM, a new type of memory that can run about three times faster than typical SDRAM. The current version supports bus speeds between 600 and 800 MHz, which is why RDRAM is often identified as PC600, PC700, or PC800.

    So you're in the 800MHz range...
  3. Indomidable

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    Ther is also 1066 mhz RDRAM

    FYI of course.
  4. pjchappy

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    Well, I meant to ask about DDR RAM. . .

    I should have been a little more clear in my post. . . say you have DDR PC800 and RDRAM PC800. . . isn't the RDRAM faster? If so, why?

    Also, what are the current top speeds of DDR and RDRAM?


  5. Grymblayd

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    rdram comes in pc1600 as well.
  6. jumpy

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    There is no such thing as pc800 ddr RAM, the speeds of ddr available are pc1600 (200mhz) , pc2100 (266mhz), pc2400(300mhz), pc2700(333mhz) , pc3000 (366mhz) pc3200 (400mhz) , pc3500 (433mhz??).

    DDR has just about caught up to RDRAM and dual channel solutions have huge memory bandwidth.

    I dont think rdram goes up to pc1600? I thought only pc800 (400mhz) , pc1066 (533mhz) and pc1200 (600mhz)

    You can stick with RDRAM for a little while yet and still have a really fast system.
  7. Luna64

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    RDRAM (Rambus) is as good as dead.

    Get it while you can I guess.
  8. Terrahertz

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    I dont think so buddy.
  9. Grymblayd

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    YEAH YOUR RIGHT 1066 .. I got carried away with the 1600 there.
    I don't think Rdram is gone at all. Maybe not as popular as DDR, Cost always made DDR look more attractive. Rdram in my opinion in the beginning was more efficient, Rdram now is also going the way of Dimms, Imagine sandwhiched Rdram modules filling your slots (careful people)....now run that with a Hyperthreaded Proc.

    Grym (and still preferring Rdram ) blayd