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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by noah472, Aug 16, 2002.

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    Hey there folks, does anyone know where to set internet explorer so that the ctrl and enter shortcut puts the rest of the domain in for you? (www. .com) I have seen a couple of comps where this has gone and cant find where to get it back!!


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    yea.. type the name of the website like microsoft, press ctrl+enter and it will put the www & .com in for you.
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    Sorry folks i dont think i phrased the question correctly, the CTRL ENTER short cut has disappeared and i want to re-enable it as a short cut key sequence but when you press it in the browser it just leaves it as the bit that you have typed e.g. linux instead of www.linux.com. What i would like to know is how to get it back!


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    The shortcut you refer to is only enabled when "auto complete" is enabled. To check: Tools -> Internet Options -> "Content" tab -> "Autocomplete" button. Make sure the option "Web addresses" is checked.
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    Excellent, just tried that and its spot on!!! cheers

    Noah472:) :) :)