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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by Puma127, Feb 23, 2003.

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    I'm on a mission to make my computer look like a MAC (yes you read correctly...waiting for flames...now). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew what program I could use to customize the windows boot screen. I have the boot file, but don't want to do it manually if I don't have to. Also, how do I change the icons for the Recycle Bin, and the Windows and Program Files folders? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Jee... thats original ;)

    I'm sorry... enough of that. There are more Mac themes than you can poke a stick at.


    they'll have your Mac Visual Style

    Theres a wonderful program called BootXP that will replace your ntoskrnl.exe without you having to screw it up. (google it)


    thats about the only site you'll need for changing your Windows XP into a Mac.

    Need more help? Just post here. Welcome to NTFS.org btw