rambo golf

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    so I just invented a new sport I want to call "rambo golf"

    here's what happens, you play a hole with a timer, that person who finishes with the best time gets a 3 stroke reduction in a foursome, 2 stokes for finishing second, etc

    also, on a put of a predetermined distance, another golfer is allowed to put his ball from that same distance and present a block against the putter, if the block goes in the hole the putter scores not the blocker

    there. Rambo golf

    feel free to add or subtract additional rules to turn this competition, we will submit to the pga and it can possibly go along with the skin competition
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    I want whatever he's smoking :smoker:
  3. sean.ferguson

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    i read the title and expected to see golf being played with bombs, while being chased by burmese radicals.... could we submit that to PGA do you think?